Campus Audit Summer 2014

York is known as the third largest university. As such, there are multiple gateways, or entry points, into the University. These entraces can be seen as areas with great potential to show what our University is all about. Shawn's team combined primary research and the knowledge learned about green technology to design a solution to improve the campus.

Who was involved?

Shawn Hao

Sherlock Subedar

Hasan Kakal

Anint Bhai

Evan Cook

Adam Jones

Ying Gu

Xiang He

How come?

Design for Sustainability Workshop, York University


Before they put in the pavement.

audit Dangerous non-existent, yet commonly used, student crosswalk.

Seriously, who can see this?


They still don't orient these the right way. You are actually facing West, not North.


Working hard together.


Animals to represent student diversity on campus.




Done! Just a few touchups for presentation.


Complete for Presentation.

The final recommendations included a round-about to improve flow of traffic, solar panels on rooftops and the parking lots, solar street lights, outdoor gym and soccer field, rain gardens in the Village, increased visibility of York University signage, and a new green building student residence. The wind turbine was also added for additional electricity generation, and as a symbol of York's dedication to sustainable practices.