WoodGreen: Community Services

The team was chosen to help stand up a web portal to share housing, clothing and other service resources for Syrian refugees. Shawn followed the web designs and mockups provided by Konrad Group and implemented the HTML/CSS within SalesForce: VisualForce. Many refugees were very thankful for the ability to find services and programs they needed with ease. The Toronto Star and CTV also featured the portal to help spread the word within the community.

The Team

Delivery Oversight: Michael Partridge

Delivery Lead: Nisha Matchett

UX Designer: Teresa Man (Konrad Group)

UX Implementation: Shawn Hao, Justin Menking (Konrad Group), Yasmin Shash

H.O.M.E. Portal Website

Woodgreen HOME Portal
Woodgreen HOME Portal

Shawn implemented UX/UI designs using HTML/CSS within the “SalesForce: VisualForce” environment, which required working in and around the VisualForce interface to modify, customize and update code/templates. The implementation was completed over two weeks, from the client site, with the final product available via web on desktop and mobile. Responsive web design was applied for the listings (i.e. housing, services, and goods) so refugees could access all resources regardless of the platform they used.
Woodgreen HOME Portal
Woodgreen HOME Portal

The mockups (left) were provided by Konrad Group’s designers and were used as the baseline for creating the final web interface (right.) Additional considerations and changes to aesthetics were required before final release, as the final interface design experienced some limitations within the VisualForce environment. Overall, the client was very happy with the final result.
Woodgreen HOME Portal

The portal has since made news on various broadcasting stations and newswires, including:

Toronto Star


Toronto City Hall

Market Wired